Wild Surge

 Wild Surge at Busch Gardens


The Wild Surge ride is located in Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. It is an incredibly fast-paced attraction that is sure to offer its riders plenty of thrills. Imagine being lifted up to the top of a four-story tower. Once you reach the top, you are dropped several times per ride. The ending involves you being held at the top of the ride for a few seconds and then dropped all of the way to the bottom of the ride. That four-story drop will astound you.The views from this ride are amazing and unlike anything else you will ever see. You can enjoy looking down at a waterfall and many other beautiful things. The scenery is very enjoyable. You can enjoy looking down on many interesting things before you start your fall.This ride was put into the Jungala section of Busch Gardens in 2008. People from all over the world enjoy visiting this park. This ride is suited for kids and adults. Riders must be at least 38 inches tall. This ride is made for people that are looking for a fun drop experience. It is a unique and special ride that all ages enjoy trying out repeatedly.

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