Test Track at Epcot

Test Track at Epcot, Walt Disney, Florida Resort.
One of the fastest Disney theme park attractions, test track sponsored by General Motors (GM) is located at the Walt Disney resort in Florida. The test track ride is a simulation of the rigorous tests that vehicles go through before becoming available on the market.

There are various futuristic test vehicles that the public may ride in that go through a series of evaluations to test the speed of automobile prototypes.

Whilst waiting in line you will surround by various tests in the welcome center performed on cars including safety, security and speed. Videos are on view showing tests in action as a host describes the tests and their purpose.
The ride is wheelchair accessible and upon reaching the second queue you will be loaded into a test car ready to begin your evaluation. Once you are dispatched you will begin your journey testing suspension, anti-braking system and navigation.

The ride is available up to 20 hours a day due to high startup and maintenance of machinery. Test Track is a thoroughly enjoyable ride that is both educational and interesting and is best suited for ages 2+ with a height restriction of 40”. Test Track is enjoyed at all ages above the requirement.

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