Tanganyika Tidal Wave

Tanganyika Tidal Wave at Busch Gardens

The Tanganyika Tidal Wave is a terrific and fun ride, and has been a fixture at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida for over 20 years. One cannot visit the African-themed park without hopping on this beautiful yet exciting floating adventure ride.The Tanganyika Tidal Wave begins as a tranquil and lovely sightseeing cruise where vacationers can view the African landscape and villages from their seat on a 20-passenger boat. It takes riders to the top of an exciting 55-foot drop, which triggers a huge tidal wave. The thrill of the fall and the incredible wave surprises riders and gets everyone soaking wet! It’s a perfect ride for those hot summer days and is sure to delight amusement park guests.

The ride will enchant riders ranging from young pre-teens all the way to the very old! The only requirement is that guests be at least 48 inches tall to board the ride. Even if guests don’t quite reach the height requirement, they can still interaction with the ride. Guests can stand on a foot bridge located within the Tanganyika Tidal Wave’s splash radius, and as soon as a boat comes along they are sure to get soaked from the ground!

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