Serengeti Railway

Serengeti Railway at Busch Gardens

The Serengeti Railway at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida is a fun ride for all age groups. It takes you throughout different parts of the park and lets you take in the sights of African wildlife that roam freely within their park.

Children will enjoy the laid back ride on this train and adults will welcome the rest from other more vigorous rides in the park. This is a good ride to ride at any time of the day but especially when it is hot and you need a shady ride that offers a breeze as you go through the park. Unless you have a condition that prevents you from wearing the safety restraints, everyone can enjoy this ride. It is to be noted that those in wheelchairs or strollers may want to sit in the last car for their comfort.

While riding this ride you can see other parts of the park with stops occurring at the Nairobi, Congo and Stanleyville areas. You will also get a chance to view other rides within the park while on your ride of the Serengeti Railway. Other rides you will have the opportunity to see are the Montu, Kumbu and the Sheikra.

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