Richard Petty Driving Experience

The Richard Petty Driving Experience is an exciting racing experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway, located just past the Magic Kingdom’s toll plaza on the left. The Walt Disney World Speedway is a one mile tri-oval that was built in 1995 as a venue for the IndyCar series and now operates year round exclusively as the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Thrill seekers can choose between driving or riding along at speeds up to 120 miles per hour in a 600 horsepower NASCAR race car!

The Driving Experiences require reservations and drivers can select from one of five experiences. The Rookie Experience is the most popular program in which drivers take 8 laps around the Speedway, and the King Experience kicks it up a notch with 18 laps. The Experience of a Lifetime bumps up the adrenalin even further with 30 thrilling laps around the track. The final two driver experiences, the Speedway Challenge and Racing Experience, offer 50 laps around the Walt Disney World Speedway! The Racing Experience allows drivers to take part in a custom racing experience program.

The Ride-Along Experience is offered from 9 AM to 4 PM on most days, and reservations are not required. This program is perfect for those who are not quite yet ready to get behind the wheel, but still want to experience the thrilling speed of NASCAR. Passengers ride along with a professional driver for 3 laps around the Walt Disney World Speedway at speeds up to 165 miles per hour!

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