Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood offers a dining experience soaked in glamour, movies and memorabilia. But a trip to Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney is all about the sights, not about the food.

Shaped like a giant round planet, Planet Hollywood is a family-friendly eatery, offering a range of typical American dishes. The menu includes salads, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, pasta, steak, seafood, milkshakes, alcoholic drinks and desserts. Even the pickiest eater should be able to find something to munch on from the restaurant’s huge and varied menu.

Prices range between $15 and $40 per plate. The food is mediocre and overpriced, but nobody decides to visit Planet Hollywood for the food alone. A trip to Planet Hollywood is all about the fun of the Hollywood experience.

The restaurant includes three levels. Each level is covered with memorabilia from Hollywood productions. Signed costumes, props, models and photos fill the walls. The servers encourage guests to wander through the restaurant, checking out all the artifacts and memorabilia while they wait for their meal. Many diners take photographs of memorabilia as they walk through the restaurant.

The building feels more like a museum than a restaurant, with winding staircases, carpeted floors and loud, upbeat music. The center of the restaurant is an open lobby, creating a soaring, three-story tall space in the middle of the large interior. Diners on the second level and peer over the edge and see both the first and third levels. The lower level features a live DJ, and diners are encouraged to submit their own song suggestions so they can be played through the entire restaurant.

All in all, Planet Hollywood is a fun experience with a ton of impressive memorabilia. While the food isn’t great, the experience as a whole is a fun family activity.

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