One Fish Tow Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is an amusement ride located in the Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure. The ride essentially works as a merry-go-round. Children become part of the original Dr. Seuss tale by riding in the colorful fish characters from the written story. The ride carries children in a circle and gradually lifts higher off the ground, totaling up to 15 feet in the air. Under the children is a pool of water, which squirts out at them through-out the whole ride. In the center of the ride is the Star Belly Fish and his cute little umbrella.


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish totals at about 2 minutes long, and is aimed at children around the ages of 6-10, but the specific rule is that those under 48” are accompanied by adults. The ride is very popular due to its simplicity, safety, colorfulness, and short length of time riding it. Due to this fact, the ride draws in lots of people and lines can be long. Surrounding One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is an assortment of other Dr. Seuss rides, so if your child is interested in lots of stories by this author, make sure to spend a lot of your time at the Seuss Landing.

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