Nighttime Magic at Disney Animal Kingdom

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Nighttime Magic at Disney Animal Kingdom

Starting Memorial Day Weekend Disney’s Animal Kingdom is getting ready to amaze their guests with a new spectacular event – the Nighttime Magic. The park, which usually stays open till only 6 pm, is extending its hours to 11 pm and after the sundown breathtaking magic will begin!

Kick off the night with the Discovery Island Carnivale! You can dance to the beat of Viva Gaia Street Band! and enjoy the happy celebration of nature and magic. Follow the Carnivale through the Discovery Island towards the stage where you can be a witness to the beautiful music of the Paraguayan harp trying to awake the animal spirits of The Tree of Life. As the sun sets over the Animal Kingdom – the Tree of Life begins to mesmerize the guests with a remarkable show of magical animated visual effects of the Nighttime Awakenings. But this 3 minute show is just a tiny preview of what to expect from the Nighttime Magic. Get ready to be mesmerized by the lights, breathtaking projections, fantastic music and water works in the two incredible light shows – A Story at Sundown Set Glow and Everything the Light Touches.

During the Nighttime Magic you can also ride into the night on an open-air safari quest (which has never been possible before!) or visit the friendly village of Harambe for their Wild Life Parti. Here you can emerge into the world of music and joy with the dancing and singing Karibu Sisters, a music playing shaman, skilled Harambe Village Acrobats and Soccer Meerkats.

The Nighttime Magic in Animal Kingdom is a feast for your eyes and your soul with all the magic that surrounds you. It is an experience that is impossible to forget!