Mission Space

Walt Disney World’s Mission Space is a motion simulator thrill ride located in the Epcot theme park. At 5 and a half minutes long, this ride simulates what it would be like to be an actual astronaut in outer space. Before your trip to outer space, you are briefed and assigned a role and a task that must be accomplished on your trip to Mars. You can either navigate, pilot, command, or engineer the space ship while initiating different commands that will help your teammates, and yourself, accomplish their missions.

You have two different teams that you can be assigned to, depending on the level of intensity you are willing to endure for the 5 and a half minute simulation. The more intense simulation will have you experience forces that are twice that of the Earth’s gravitational pull, while the less intense simulation will allow you to experience the trip to Mars, without the intense forces. If you are prone to motion sickness, severe headaches, or have a known heart condition, it’s strongly advised that you experience the less intense simulation. If you’re feeling brave and have mastered motion sickness, and are taller than 44 inches, then experience the forces of a true astronaut and travel to space on the more intense simulation.

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