Its Tough to Be a Bug

Opening in April 1998, It’s Tough To Be A Bug is actually an eight to nine-minute 3D movie based on the film, A Bug’s Life. One unique feature is that you never leave your air-conditioned theater seat; however, by the end of the show you may find that hard to believe.

The mission of Flik, the ant, and Hopper, the grasshopper, who are both 8-feet tall, is to change your viewpoint regarding creatures ranging from termites and spiders to beetles and butterflies. The cast even includes a stinkbug. With the assistance of special 3D glasses, known as bug eyes, humans in the audience suddenly become bugs. As you are vicariously transported to an underground bug habitat, bugs are your friends and humans become your enemies. Whether you actually feel something crawling on you, smell something, or what you see depends on the transmission speed between your brain and your eyes before you are transported back to the light of day.

In addition to being handicap accessible to the point of being able to remain in a mobility device, a FastPass reservation eliminates waiting in line for admission. Visitors below 7 years-of-age must be accompanied by someone 14 years-of-age or older.

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