iFly Orlando

Skydiving is a risky adventure that most parents would prefer their children not partake in. Luckily for them, iFly Orlando allows children to skydive, but without the risk. There is no previous experience necessary when visiting iFly. Anyone looking for excitement, adrenaline and adventure should plan a visit to iFly Orlando.

This facility was first designed as a military program, but since then it has been transformed into an indoor skydiving arena. There is a vertical wind tunnel that moves air up in a vertical column, which is how the skydiving takes place. The flow of air is controlled, and the iFly Orlando staff of professionals work effectively to ensure participants have a safe flight experience. Each skydiver receives personal instructions from an assistant, and the flyer will be given a flight certificate that documents his flight experience. DVDs of the flight can also be purchased.

Children three and up are welcome to skydive at iFly Orlando, but anyone under the age of eighteen must have their parents’ permission to participate. There is no upper age restriction at this facility; however, those who are less than six feet tall must weigh at least two hundred and thirty pounds to participate. Anyone who is over six feet tall must weigh less than two hundred and fifty pounds. If someone has had prior neck problems, or a shoulder or back dislocation, they should not fly. These restrictions are for the safety of participants.

The iFly Orlando location is open Monday through Sunday; between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Visitors should stay in resorts near Walt Disney World Orlando, or a hotel off of International Drive, Orlando, FL, which is where iFly is located.

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