Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the flagship ride in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World at Universal Studios Orlando. For fans of the wildly successful book and movie series, the ride is nothing short of magical; however, it is not necessary to have experience with the franchise in order to have a great time. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey opened in 2010 to delighted reviews. This dark ride through Hogwarts castle and surrounding areas lasts approximately five minutes. Children must be four feet tall to ride. In addition, riders must be able to fit in the constrained seat and pull the safety bar down completely. The waiting queue itself is nothing short of spectacular. Guests weave in and out of Hogwarts passing memorabilia that includes the Mirror of Erised, the Room of Requirement and the Sorting Hat. Riders are eventually directed to a 4-seat “enchanted bench” and the fun begins. Utilizing KUKA robotic arm technology, projection screens, real sets and animatronics, riders embark on a somewhat rough ride. Although there are no inversions in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey there is a point where riders are tilted until they are flat on their backs. This ride is a must for all fans of the Harry Potter series.

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