Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is a thrill ride located on the Walt Disney World resort, specifically at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. It is a roller coaster for guests 44 inches or taller, perfect for big kids to adults. It is fashioned as a railway car that takes guests on a ride to the ice encrusted summit of Mount Everest. There they encounter the mystical Yeti. There are hairpin turns and dark tunnels, all adding to the thrill and excitement of the ride.

The ride joined Disney in 2006 as their sixth roller coaster-type ride. It was built to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Animal Kingdom Park. Disney Imagineers did a great job capturing the look of a ransacked temple, the snowy mountain peaks, and the look of a small Asian town quite similar to one found in the Himalayas. The ride begins with a small drop, leading to a larger drop and many twists and turns through the temple and mountains. There is even a portion of the track that appears to be destroyed, causing the railway car to back up and switch to a different track.

Expedition Everest is a must experience attraction at Walt Disney World. Like all others, it carries the distinct Disney characteristics of whisking the rider way to a place beyond imagination.

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