Enchanted Tales with Belle

Enchanted Tales with Belle is located in Walt Disney World, at the Magic Kingdom Park. The magical ride is located in Fantasyland, and guests are sure to be enchanted by the interactive story telling. This ride is open daily, and guests of all heights and ages are welcome.

This attraction allows guests to visit Maurice’s Cottage and hear interactive storytelling from Belle and Lumiere. Madame Wardrobe is also inside of the cottage. This display lasts for approximately twenty to thirty minutes per group. The enchanted cottage is referred to as a ride or attraction, but it is more of a fantasy experience.

Once inside the attraction, guests can see details of Maurice’s Cottage, including the magic mirror, animated style figurines of Lumiere and Madame Wardrobe, and more. There is a real-life Belle, who reenacts the story of Beauty and the Beast. Majority of the props for the retelling of the tale are cardboard; however, Belle will call on volunteers from the visiting group of guests to help reenact the tale. The volunteers presume the roles of enchanted objects, and one lucky volunteer is given the part of the Beast. The volunteers receive a photo with Belle, along with a souvenir bookmark. Those guests not participating in the storytelling can sit in the library of the cottage and watch the reenactment on screen.

This is a new fantasy exhibit, and Walt Disney World is constantly making changes to the Enchanted Tale with Belle magical cottage. Groups with restless children should be cautious when visiting the cottage due to the long lines, tour time, and the inactivity in the library while the tale is being told.

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