E.T. Adventure

Based on the hit motion-picture E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, E.T. Adventure is an attraction in Universal Studios Florida built in 1990. Although similar E.T. themed rides have been built in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan the original can still be found in Orlando, Florida. From 1990 to 2002, guests experienced a pre-show based around Steven Spielberg. In the pre-show, Spielberg tells guests they are volunteers in his E.T. sequel. However, after 2002, the pre-show changed by Spielberg’s quest in favor of a new pre-show in celebration of E.T’s 20th anniversary. In the beginning of the ride, guests are seated in a bicycle familar to those who have seen the movie. As the ride develops, police pursue the bicycle in a thrilling chase, climaxing with the bicycle taking flight just as the riders are about to be captured. Like many other rides at Universal Studios, E.T. Adventure does not have a height nor an age restriction. Guests less than 48 inches are to be accompanied by an adult or supervising individual. E.T. Adventure is suitable for all ages, and even the smallest of children should enjoy E.T. Adventure.

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