Dragon Challenge

The Dragon Challenge In Universal’s Islands of Adventure Originally dubbed the Dueling Dragons when Universal Islands of Adventure opened in 1999, the Dragon Challenge was revamped to fit in with the parks new Harry Potter theme. The ride itself is actually two coasters that were designed to give guests an extra thrill as the coasters passed within mere inches of each other during the course of the ride.

While the coasters have remained the same, the queue line was significantly revamped to reflect a Triwizard Tournament theme and guests can expect to see everything from the remnants of Ron’s wrecked flying car to the Triwizard victory cup. At a certain point in the queue guests must choose whether they want to ride the Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail. Each inverted coaster has its own features and offer guests a completely different and unique ride. These coasters are fast past and are one of the most thrilling rides at the park, making them more suitable for teenagers and thrill seekers. The ride lasts approximately two minutes and guests must be at least 54 inches tall to ride. In 2011, Universal staggered the release time of the Dragons and they no longer duel, but rather chase each other. The change was made to improve safety of the guests after an incident involving a loose item.

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