Frontierland at Disney World

FrontierlandFrontierland and the rest of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., opened in 1971. Those visiting Frontierland may do so by riding the Walt Disney World Monorail System to the Magic Kingdom stop, taking a short walk to the adjacent Walt Disney World Railroad station and riding that train to the Frontierland station.

The WDWRR is a steam train that takes 20 minutes to round the park, a trip of 1.5 miles. All of the locomotives date to at least 1928, the same year Mickey Mouse made his on-screen debut. It is recommended that you take a loop of the park to experience the entire route. This may be done once your time in Frontierland is finished by continuing on the route in the same direction in which you arrived.

Those who want to continue the train theme upon arrival in Frontierland should head first to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After 15 years of planning and $17 million in cost, this three-minute ride opened in 1980. It recreates a ride on a runaway mine train during the gold rush. If you are looking for a more thrilling experience, take the ride at night when you cannot always see what is coming.

Splash Mountain opened in 1993. The vehicles are eight-passenger log boats, and the ride lasts 11 minutes. The ride takes you along with Br’er Rabbit for some of his adventures. Expect to get wet, especially if you are sitting in the front row. The drop at the end is not significant, and the ride is suitable for children.

Those looking to relax have a couple of options. Tom Sawyer Island opened in 1973 and has hills, trees and caves. It is a perfect locale to allow the energetic members of your group to run around and the tired ones to relax and sit in rocking chairs. Country Bear Jamboree is a 16-minute hoe-down show performed by 20 Audio-Animatronic bears. The performance takes place in an air-conditioned venue, allowing attendees to cool down on a hot day.