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One of the most common questions when it comes to type of tickets Disney has to offer would be: “What is a hopper pass/ticket?” A hopper is a type of ticket that allows visitors to “hop” or “jump” between the 4 major parks* in the same day, unlike the base ticket that lets you chose only one of the major parks for the day.

*(Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot Center)

An Example of a Park Hopper in Action…

Let’s say you started your day with a visit to World Showcase portion of Epcot Center, but your daughter wanted to see animals, you can go ahead and grab Disney transportation service over to Animal Kingdom and take a ride on an open air safari. Now that you have seen giraffes, lions and other animals, your 17 year old son reminds you about that you promised to ride the Tower of Terror. Hop right to Hollywood Studios to quench his thirst for thrill rides. And finally finish your day with the “Wishes” fireworks at the footsteps of the iconic Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom for your whole family to enjoy.

To Park Hop or Not To Park Hop, that is the question!

When in Disney, you will notice that the parks offer a lot of entertainment for big and small alike. It is doubtful you would only want to visit just that one ride and leave the park to visit the next theme park. Many families pick one park and spend the whole day exploring. Park hoppers, cost more and are definitely something that should be considered before arrival.

Hoppers are a good choice if you are coming for a one or two days and want to experience all four major parks. Also, a lot of Disney all-timers, already know what specific rides and shows they enjoy, and even if they are spread out between the 4 parks, they can plan their visit around these attractions.

If this is your first trip, each park is really big and packed with fun attractions. As long are you are traveling for 2 to 4 days it would be a good idea to choose a base ticket. You can take your time and enjoy what one specific park has to offer. Trying to fit too much into one trip can be overwhelming and can leave for feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.