Congo River Rapids

Congo River Rapids at Busch Gardens


Congo River Rapids in Busch Gardens is one of the most fun and popular rides in the park. It’s located in the Congo Section and opened in 1982. Visitors love the turbulent waters with the waterfalls and a mysterious water cave making it an adventure from beginning to end. Riders must be at least 42” tall and a minimum of three years old. An adult or a responsible person of 14 years or older must also accompany a child. It’s also highly recommended that a small child be put in the middle between two adults. The raft holds up to twelve people.

The ride itself is exciting as the white-water raft swiftly twists and turns in the rapids, similar to the Congo River. It’s a great ride to cool off with because the waves and splashing will definitely get you wet. There are moments when the raft crashes into the stonewalls until it reaches a calming tunnel, only to experience more bumps, twists and splashes as you exit the tunnel. Towards the end, the waves become larger and more extreme. As the ride comes to an end, you’ll pass through waterfalls which will spray you again.

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