Cancellation/Refund Policy

Reservations maybe canceled but are subject to fees and penalties.

Fees and penalties are based on the date the reservation was made 
and/or the date of your cancellation request.  

Any packaged that include any one day park tickets are non refundable. 
Any packages that include multiple day park tickets have a cancellation fee of $99.00.  

Packages that include hotel stay have individual cancellation fees 
and policies that will be combined with the ticket package 
cancellation policy mentioned above.

If the package you had booked includes a stay at 
Celebration Suites at Old Town or Enclave Suites 
the cancellation policy for either property is the following:

*Hotel Cancellation Policy
Hotel cancellations or changes made 3 day/s prior to check in time 
(Noon local hotel time), will be subject to 1 night/s regular retail rate fee. 

No-show is subjected to 1 night/s regular retail rate fee

We can process cancellations during normal business hours 
Mon-Fri by calling 1-888-406-2589. 

You will be emailed a cancellation confirmation that you must retain 
for your records and for any future inquiries. 

Emails and voicemails are not acceptable forms of cancellation and 
will not be processed without a conversation with a live agent.