American Adventure

American Adventure

Rating: 7 Stars out of 10

Address: 1675 N. Buena Vista Dr. ORLANDO, FL 32830

Region: World Showcase Phone Number: (407) 939-6244

American Adventure Overview:

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of Colonial American architecture will recognize The American Adventure pavilion, standing in all its Georgian-style glory directly across the World Showcase Lagoon from Spaceship Earth. As one of the 11 different nations represented at World Showcase, The American Adventure is the focal point of the entire promenade, with five different nations encircling the lagoon on each side of the federal-period structure.

Inside, American Adventure presents an enthralling multi-media historical drama, complete with movable stage sets, captivating film clips, and animatronic figures of significant American luminaries like Ben Franklin and Mark Twain. Some of these animatronic figures can not only talk, but walk as well. Together the show takes visitors on a fast-paced journey through American history. The presentation is anything but boring and will be enjoyed by all ages.