Aquatica Seaworld Orlando

Don’t miss a visit to Aquatica SeaWorld Park Orlando.

Planning a family trip to Orlando and need somewhere to have fun, cool off, and enjoy the day? Well a stop to Aquatica SeaWorld Park Orlando is just the getaway you need. With ample parking nearby, and competitive pricing for similar attractions, this activity center is located across the street from the world famous attraction SeaWorld Orlando. Aquatica Park is open year round, with normal operation hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The SeaWorld Aquatica Park boasts rides and areas to entertain all age groups. Activities range from rides down a lazy river, to dual wave pools. Guests can also enjoy a lifetime chance to ride a waterside aptly named “Dolphin Plunge”,  where live dolphins can be seen frolicking next to the occupant, as they travel down clear water slide tubes thru a pool environment! Riding down dual waterslides and experiencing being next to the black and white Commerson’s dolphins is an experience not to be missed. For those less daring, the park offers multiple viewing areas on dry land as well.

And when you need an excitement break for a bite to eat, a visit to one of the parks’ three top notch restaurants is sure to cure your hunger. You can even stretch your dining dollar more, with a visit to the Banana Beach Cookout, an all you can eat buffet, which allows guests of the park to return for multiple visits all day.

With all it’s amenities and fun filled attractions, Aquatica SeaWorld Park Orlando is a highly reccomened addition to any visit you plan to the Orlando area. Be sure to add it to your next scheduled visit.