Kush Hookah Lounge

Orlando nightlife is full of life. There are so many great venues located in the area. One place that stands out is the Kush Hookah Lounge located in Downtown Orlando. This Orlando nightlife gem is hidden inside Kathmandu. In order to enter the lounge, you have to have a security code, which will be provided to you. Once you have the code, you walk up a flight of stairs and enter.

Once you enter, visitors can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere along with the LED lighting. Kush has a very South Beach vibe accompanied by nothing but white and stainless steel décor.

The staff at Kush Hookah Lounge is great. They are very attentive and make sure that both the customers and the hookahs are taken care of. The staff is very attentive and regularly cleans the bowls and replaces coals in the hookah. They also provide a wide variety of flavors. They also have a simple beverage menu that consists of beer, wine and soda.

Overall, Kush Hookah Lounge is a great nightlife venue in Downtown Orlando. It is the place to smoke hookah and enjoy a few drinks in a relaxing atmosphere. Business hours are between 9pm and 3am.

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