Gatorland Orlando

Fun for the Entire Family In the 1930’s, Owen Godwin, Sr. built an alligator pit in his yard and his wife Pearl sold alligator products including key chains and belts. This was the beginning of a much larger dream that exists today in Gatorland Orlando.

The present day Gatorland is called the “Alligator Capital of the World,” and occupies 110 acres of sights, activities and gifts. You can visit the observation tower and gaze on alligators and crocodiles in a natural setting. There are even rare white alligators with brilliant blue eyes on display that reach 12 feet long and weigh over 800 pounds.

Shows include the Gator Jumparoo where handlers feed chickens to some of the largest gators as they leap out of the water to snatch the food. An 800 seat shaded stadium is the venue for the “Gator Wrestling” show where wranglers catch alligators by hand and ride on their backs. “Upclose Encounters” showcases a large variety of wildlife from around the world. Keep your eyes open for “Critters on the Go” where an entertainers walks around the park and offers petting of baby animals for kids of all ages.

Kids love the Fun Zone with the Gator Gully Splash Park with water play to cool off on a hot Florida day. Rides are available on the express railroad train that travels into an area with gators in their native wetlands. Gatorland also includes a petting zoo full of animals to thrill anyone of any age.

Food is available at the snack bar with sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, chips and drinks. Pearl’s smokehouse offers full meals including gator bites and there is a menu for gluten-free foods.

This attraction is very affordable with tickets at a price of $9.99 each for Florida residents. Prices for tickets other than Florida residents include a free pass for kids under 3, $16.99 for ages 3-12, and adult tickets are $24.99. If you are the adventurous type, don’t bypass the zip line ride with a tour guide.