Main Street USA

Main Street UsaAs you walk through Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you are sure to see some marvelous things. You might just think that you ambled across a turn of the last century town when you stroll into Main Street USA. Main Street USA is located in the shadows of Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, and features many old timey shops and attractions. Guests find themselves in the Town Square inclusive of a City Hall and Fire Station. Rest your feet and take a ride along Main Street on a horse drawn trolley. During your ride on the trolley, you will see some classic buildings in this historic stretch of the Magic Kingdom. Catch a classic Disney favorite at the Main street cinema or get your hair cut by the same barber as Mickey Mouse when you stop by the Harmony Barber Shop and get a stylish $19.00 haircut. Near the barber shop you may hear the trademark four part harmony sound of Dapper Dan’s Barber Shop Quartet.

If you are looking for a snack or fast food while spending your time on Main Street USA, stop into Casey’s Corner open daily 11:00am-7:40pm and have a hot dog that is out of the ball park! If you are looking for more formal dining accommodations, you might consider making reservations for Crystal Palace. At Crystal Place you can dine breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a Disney princess or any other of your favorite characters. You won’t run out of places to see or things to do while strolling through Main Street USA in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.