Liberty Square at Disney World

liberty squareLiberty Square is the patriotic, historical side of Disney World. Authentic streets and sidewalks take the visitor back to a simpler, more care-free time.

One of seven themed areas inside Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square features three major attractions. In addition to the main attractions, visitors will find replicas of the Liberty Bell and the House of Burgesses. Designed as a trip through various eras of Colonial America, Liberty Square features building examples from all of the original thirteen colonies.

The centerpiece of Liberty Square is the world-famous Haunted Mansion. It is a guided tour through a haunted house with anamatronic puppets, eerie voices, and spooky sounds. Walls open and floors drop, which lead guests to previously hidden rooms. The Haunted Mansion is one of the most sought-after attractions in the park.

The Hall of Presidents features animatronic representations of all the American Presidents, including Barack Obama. Each show is changed as a new President is elected, with the current President giving a speech. Morgan Freeman narrates this must-see puppet stage show.

The third, and most relaxing, attraction in Liberty Square is the Mark Twain Riverboat. Simulating a Mississippi riverboat cruise, the twelve-minute ride takes you to various historical recreations including a log cabin and an Indian village. Designed to be both scenic and historical, this is an attraction both children and adults will enjoy.

On weekdays, the Magic Kingdom is generally open from 9Am until 9 or 10PM. On weekends, the hours are usually extended until 12AM. Make sure to check the times when you arrive, since they can vary.