Fantasyland At Disney World

Gradually being phased in during 2012 with all the final touches in place by 2013, Walt Disney World’s Fantasy Land is about to become even more exciting. From its opening in 1971, this area has always brought storybook land to life from Cinderella’s Castle to the famous and much-loved Dumbo Elephant ride. According to the latest news, this area is about to grow twice in size and excitement.

Among new features will be a new way to experience the world under the sea on Ariel’s new ride on the way to a brand new Beast Castle. This new castle will feature an eatery appropriately named Be Our Guest Restaurant. Designed to accommodate around 500 people, visitors can enjoy fast food during the day and experience formal, full-service dining in the evening.

While Cinderella’s Castle will still be a part of Fantasy Land, in addition to the new Beast Castle, Cinderella and some of her dear friends such as Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, will become housemates in the newly-built Princess Fantasy Hall.

On the way to the Dumbo ride, guests will get to experience life beneath The Big Top in an interactive circus tent. A second Flying Dumbo ride is being added which will reduce waiting time to board one of the most popular rides ever to grace Disney theme parks. Snow White’s train will be replaced by a new Goofy roller coaster reaching a height of 30 feet at a speed of 25mph in the breathtaking span of one minute.