DisneyQuest at Disney World

People that have been waiting for a chance to go to Disney World should definitely not miss DisneyQuest.  This is a great interactive theme park that is located in Downtown Disney.  Lots of people are interested in going because it is indoors.  The ability to play games indoors is great because it can get rather hot during the walk at Disney World.

The cost ranges from $37 to $43 dollars.  The inside of this play area is great for kids as well as adults.  There is definitely a strong sense of nostalgia for adults.  They have those classic games like Pac-Man, Spy Hunter, Donkey Kong, Space Invader, Mario Bros. and Asteroids. 

Kids will also be impressed with all of the Disney themed attractions that are available.  Kids will recognize some of their favorite characters will attractions like Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters, Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam and Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for Buccaneer Gold. 

The indoor theme park is open at 11:30am with a closing time of 10pm from Sunday to Thursday. People that choose to visit on Friday or Saturday have an extra hour of playtime because it closes an hour later at 11pm. 

The build has 5 floors of everything from virtual reality to 3D attractions.  It quickly becomes a favorite of all that visit the area.  The project started out as something that would target large cities.  This was mostly for residents that may not have been able to travel to the Disney World theme parks.