Blizzard Beach Disney World

Blizzard Beach opened April 1, 1995 in Walt Disney World, Florida. First opened as a ski resort, the snow did not last long, and the park was reworked to become a water park complete with slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. Blizzard Beach is split into four areas, each with its own unique set of rides.

The Green Slope area features single track water slides. Summit Plummet is a 120 foot tall slide, Teamboat Springs offers multiple guests the opportunity to ride at the same time, and Slush Gusher is a 90 foot tall slide that riders can get “air time” oon.

The Purple Slope area has racing slides. The Downhill Double Dipper has riders sit on inner tubes and race down a ski themed slide. Snow Stormers, a mat slide, lets three people race at a time on their stomachs, and is positioned between the two other slides on this slope area. Toboggan Racers, the third slide on the Purple Slope is another mat slide, and guests also ride the 250 foot attraction on their stomachs.

The Red Slope is located at the back of the park,and although it has multiple slides, there is only one attraction. Run Off Rapids has three slides – one enclosed, and two open.

Ground Level of Blizzard Beach is the location of Meltaway Bay, (the wave pool) Cross Country Creek, (lazy river) and Ski Patrol, an area for younger children with a leisure pool, smaller slides, and a fountain play area.