Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

Want to feel like you are in a pub in Ireland enjoying the finest pint of Guinness and a good old Irish steak and mushroom pie? Then step into the Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub in Orlando, Florida.

Located on Curry Ford Road, this small intimate pub looks exactly like a typical Irish pub that will make you think you are actually in Dublin or Kilkenny. The cozy interiors with its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, offers plenty of seating choices either at the bar or a booth. There is also outdoor seating available for fresh air and those who want to smoke.

Claddagh Cottage has staggered opening hours on different days. Opening times for Mondays through Thursdays are from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. On weekends, when the crowds are much larger, the pub opens its doors at 4 pm on Friday and 6 pm on Saturdays. They close at 3 a.m. on both days.

The Irish owners are warm and friendly and offer excellent service and amazing home-made food. This is definitely the place to be to sample different types of draught beers and cider, unfortunately no liquor is served here.

For those who love to play a game while sipping on cold draught beer, and listening to live Irish music, a pool table and some wall dart boards are available. One visit to Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub, and this little quaint place will keep beckoning you over and over.

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